Meet the Band

Sammy serves the group as a manager, booking agent, and the primary bus driver, when he is able to tour with them. He has written several songs that the group has sung over the years, and he also preaches. Originally from south Georgia, He started singing with the Telestials, a Gospel singing group owned by his parents, when he was about fifteen years old. The Telestials eventually moved from Georgia to Nashville, TN. 

Gayla got involved in Gospel music at a young age, playing piano in churches where her dad would hold revivals. In her teenage years and early twenties, she and several of her siblings traveled and did Gospel music locally in East TN as the Henry Singers. She later went to study music at Belmont College in Nashville, TN. During this time, she joined the Telestials as a piano player, and she and Sammy were married in 1981. After they married, Sammy and Gayla continued to travel with the Telestials for several years until Sammy began to feel the Lord directing him to start traveling with his own young family, which he did in 1988. They enjoy being a part of music ministry and always want the message of the Gospel to be portrayed through whatever style of music they are doing.

Justin is the eldest son of the family. He started singing on stage at a very young age, less than 2 years old. He received his first drum set for Christmas when he was 15 and quickly began to fall in love with playing the drums. He is versatile in multiple styles of drumming and enjoyed playing in Lee University's small jazz ensemble for a couple of years after he graduated from high school. He also plays the bass guitar, the piano, and the guitar and is very talented with arranging and composing music. Many of the songs the family has recorded have been refined by his creative, musical touch. He has taken several music classes in college and has studied music, Biblical Greek, and many other subjects on his own as well. He enjoys reading and has a passion for learning and excelling at whatever he does. When not on the road, he spends much of his time working on music in the studio.

Chris is the youngest of the family and also started singing at a very young age. He received his first musical instrument, an acoustic guitar, when he was 13 years old and quickly started learning to play songs on it. At 17, he started learning to play the resonator slide guitar (dobro) and has come to enjoy it probably more than any other instrument. He also plays banjo, bass guitar, electric guitar, and mandolin. He is currently taking Bible classes through Kingsbury Bible College and has a passion for God's Word and spreading the Gospel. In 2015, Chris released his debut solo cd with several of his original songs as well as some older songs. One of his songs, "I Will Bring You Home," was inspired by a local ministry (All True Ministries) for wounded soldiers and their families. You can follow Chris and check out his music on his website,
 On May 20, 2017, Chris married the beautiful Donna Harkins of Cleveland, TN. She is very talented and contributes to the Sammy Glass Family's ministry by offering sign language as worship to God and a ministry to others. In addition to sign language, Donna is fluent in Spanish. When not on the road, she co-manages her mom's Great American Cookies franchise in Cleveland, TN. She and Chris are also actively involved in ministry with their local church when not traveling.

Candice is the oldest of the children. She started singing when she was around 2 years old and began writing songs at a young age as well. When she was 17, she started learning to play her first instrument, a borrowed mandolin. She later picked up the fiddle and acoustic guitar. She especially enjoys writing and other activities that involve creativity. In 2009, she published her first book, A Beautiful Bride, a devotional book for young ladies that was well received by many churches and pastors. She has also released a solo single, "I've Seen Love," that received airplay on several country music radio stations across the country. She is currently working on a bachelor's degree in ministry leadership through Lee University's online degree program. She has a passion for leading people in worship to God and proclaiming His love through song.

Candice and her husband, Michael Hinson, were married on February 9, 2015. Michael grew up playing drums with his family's musical group, the Carolina Hinsons. Later, his dad started pastoring, and Michael would usually end up playing drums, bass, piano, or guitar for the church's worship band. He had never sung much. Before his first trip with the Sammy Glass Family, Sammy asked him if he would sing a song. Michael hesitantly agreed, but now, he enjoys singing very much. He is a hard worker and even had his own lawn care business for a time. He currently works as a crew leader for a commercial lawn care business in Cleveland, TN when he is not traveling with the family. He and Candice are thankful for the opportunity to serve God through music ministry together. When not on the road, they enjoy being involved in their local church.